Special Sale eep! 

After lots of thought, Ive put both Find Her and Cherish Her on KindleUnlimited for anyone that has the subscription, you can read both books for FREE. You can also buy or read a sample without having it, but the option is there. Ill have this on there for about 90 days (september) before distributing back to Ibooks nook kobo others i cant think of at this moment. 

Have you read Find Her yet? If not here is an excerpt. 

“I pull the door open and give him a smile, as he gazes down at me, his bottom lip trapped between his teeth as his eyes blaze with excitement.
“Hi.” I say, stepping closer to him, my eyes sweeping over his sculpted frame. He wears black jeans, hanging perfectly on his hips with a blue Billy Joel tee that is just a shade darker than the color of his eyes. His hair is messy, and he has just a trace of stubble along his jaw.
“Ms. Morgan, are you checking me out?” He drawls, giving my hand a tug so I’m wrapped in his arms and i press my face to his neck, inhaling his minty scent.
“Most definitely, Mr. Thomas. You look edible.”
Suddenly, He grasps my head in his hands and presses his lips to mine. I moan in both surprise and desire as his tongue explores, ravages, adores my mouth and i throw my arms around his neck while his hands grip my waist, his mouth passionate against mine.
“You say something like that and i just want to stay in with you all night, Beautiful.”

Have a wonderful day, girls! 



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