An Excerpt of Finding Beautiful

“A larger-than-life smile spreads my lips, lifts my cheeks, and makes my eyes burn with the need to keep them open as I take in the number of people avidly applauding and celebrating.
This is my world and my love. All I need, I realize. With the grief and the sadness of the last four months, I’m at peace when I’m dancing. The pain, the heartbreak, and the fear I felt when I woke up in the hospital weeks ago just disappears.
I’m caught in a pair of skinny, but muscular, arms as soon as I’m within reach and I giggle as Eli lifts me off my feet and laughs in my ear. He squeezes me gently as he hangs on a little longer to our hug.
“You, my mistress, are back.”
I meet his gaze and nod, knowing I truly am back. Eli lets me go as I see my sister Kaelyn standing by the locker rooms. Hastily running to reach her, she hugs me so tightly.”
Excerpt From: Kaitlyn, A. “Finding Beautiful (Finding Love in Chicago Series, #1).” A. Kaitlyn, 2015-09-20. iBooks. 

This material may be protected by copyright.


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